Complex vehicle modernization

CZ LOKO provides complex modernization of locomotives made by ČKD, Luhanskteplovoz, BMZ, Fablok, GE and other manufacturers. At CZ LOKO production plants, the original locomotives go through a process of complex modernization according to own drawing documentation. A new combustion engine, traction alternator, cab and all other components of a modernized locomotive provide rail carriers with use properties comparable to new vehicles. High reliability and extended maintenance cycles ensure significant cost savings. Complexly modernized vehicles meet applicable emission and noise limits.

Benefits and advantages of complex modernization

• Improved reliability
• Reduced operating and maintenance costs
• Ecological operation
• Modern concept and design
• Use of unified solutions
• High comfort and operator safety
• Excellent field of view
• Spacious and safe platforms for shunters
• Extended service intervals

Equipment fitted
during modernization:

• Digital control system
• Remote monitoring by means of GSM and GPS technologies
• Multiple control
• Air drier
• Wheel slip protection

Examples of optional equipment:

• Cruise control or automatic speed control (ARR)
• Roller bearings on traction motors
• Electro-dynamic brake (EDB)
• Anti-skid device (during braking)
• Deformation elements
• Remote radio control
• Automatic shunting coupler
• Camera system